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Ukraine Emergency Appeal

Message from our local Member of Parliment Duncan Baker



I have been amazed and deeply touched by the outpouring of support our communities have shown to the disaster in Ukraine. I would like to thank everyone in High Kelling for all they are doing and if you want to help the crisis that is unfolding, the best way you can do this is through the Disasters Emergency Committee, Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal


Just £30 donated could provide essential hygiene supplies for three people for one month, £50 could provide blankets for four families.


Many have also joined the Homes for Ukraine scheme which will help provide a safe home for someone or a family fleeing the atrocities. You can learn more and register for this here


Once again, thank you for all you are doing. It makes me very proud to represent our home, just seeing the generosity our communities have.


The Homes for Ukraine scheme launched on 14 March 2022 which has seen Ukrainian refugees matched with a hosts or ‘sponsor’ in the UK.
In the first phase of the scheme, the hosts are individuals who already have an existing link to the people they are offering a home to.

In the 2nd phase this will expand out to community groups and businesses. At the time of writing the full details of this second phase and when it will begin are yet to be released. 
Local councils do not currently play any part in the matching process and information is only passed on once a match has been made. 
Hosts will be paid a monthly £350 for up to 12 months. Each host will need to pass some basic safety checks and host their Ukrainian guests for at least 6 months without charging them rent.
The number of refugees coming to Norfolk is updating regularly as the details of new matches continue to be passed on to local councils. As of Monday 28 March this figure stood over 400 refugees and 177 sponsors for Norfolk.
There are a number of specific duties placed on local authorities to provide additional support to the Homes for Ukraine scheme. There is a statutory duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of adults and children at risk.

Each home is inspected prior to arrival, which is being conducted by local housing teams. A further welfare visit is undertaken once they have arrived. 
Norfolk County Council will also organise DBS check for all sponsors and members of their household aged 16 and above, with enhanced DBS where a child or vulnerable adult are in the household. 
Beyond the initial checks there is a scheme of wraparound support to ensure each arrival is welcomed into the community.
Norfolk County Council are organising a number of welcome events in our libraries that will help new arrivals get access to the services and help they need. That might mean registering with a GP surgery, signing up to their local school, getting English language courses from Adult Learning or helping them get access to benefits. In the longer term there will be a range of activities to support wellbeing and community integration.
The latest information about the support for sponsors and the people they are hosting, visit the Norfolk County Council website.


You can donate to to help the Ukraine humanitarian appeal at :-

DEC.ORG.UK. tel 0370 60 60 900


or      tel 0800 029 3883

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